We offer our knowledge and experience and propose a various cooperation possibilities in arrangement as well as private and commercial projects of interiors. Comprehensive offer includes every stage of action – from the project to implementation.

The scope of our services includes:

  • comprehensive and partial interior designs (e.g. changes in condominiums for developers)
  • projects “from a distance” for domestic and foreign investments
  • industry projects (e.g. for commercial premises)
  • green projects around buildings and terraces
  • support for our projects performance
  • supply of finishing materials and accessories
  • supervisions (various forms) and “turnkey” implementations

From your expectations we combine the scope of performed services. We want to adapt to our Client’s taste and needs – both as regards the project, necessary consultation as well as implementation support. We are open to your suggestions and we ensure a flexible approach to cooperation.

Keeping in mind that we create the space to live and work for our Clients, their needs and expectations, we submit our thoughts and directions of project activities. The strength of created by us spaces lies not in individual components, but in a coherent, well-thought concept.

Stages of cooperation

Information collection
Conceptual work
Technical documentation
Cost estimation
Supervision & performance

If you are interested in our services we invite you on a non-binding, free meeting, which is the presentation of possible cooperation forms. It allows for presentation of our advantages and deliberate decision about possible cooperation with us.


Information collection

Prior the first stage of works we aspire to get to know your expectations and tastes. For our Clients we prepared a special survey, which enables for thorough analysis of your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. If your time allows, we arrange a meeting on which we discuss in detail those collected information.


Conceptual work

On the first stage we prepare 2-3 concepts of functional arrangement of the designed interior. Based on presented proposals and received remarks, we carry out next amendments and finally conclusive functional agreement of the interior. Its acceptance enables to begin the preparation stage of demonstrative computer visualization.

Based on your expectations regarding the style and character of designed interior, we create a three-dimensional model of the entire premises. As a result, two color visualization versions arise, fitted to your needs a functional arrangement, “dressed up” in lumps, colors and materials.

Every stage of work and every amendment are sent to you via e-mail and discussed during meetings in the studio or based on communication from a distance. Selection and presentation of proposed finishing materials is carried out along with works over visualizations or directly after approval of their final version.


Technical documentation

Approval of proposed solutions completes the creation process. Based on well-established concept we prepare a detailed implementation plan in the form of technical drawings – dimensional screenshots, sections, furniture drawings and other individually designed accessories and details. An average time for preparation of ready project documentation from approval of the final concept lasts about 2-3 weeks.


Cost estimation

Along with technical documentation we prepare a detailed list of all accessories and finishing materials needed for implementation of the interior in accordance with the project. Material-cost balance sheet also contains the evaluation of all works as well as individually designed for you accessories, including furniture prepared by well-proven contractors.


Supervision & performance

In case of your decision about a need for our support in the form of author’s supervision we can offer different its forms, ranging from basic on-site consultation and cohesion strategies with the design vision after taking a full coordination and handing over to the Investor of ready, turnkey finished premise.

Irrespective of your decision as to supervision, we can offer implementation support of long-standing cooperation with proven contractors to perform all work and provide all the necessary accessories. We can also offer direct supplies of selected or all materials and accessories to you premises, organized by our studio.


With aim to create interiors fitted to individual needs and expectations, both functional and aesthetic, based on our long-term experience, we have developed own system of work with the Client. It optimizes the Investor’s time, enables to present diverse possibilities, refine the concept, develop best solutions and thought over details.

In the design process we not only create, but also advise, we help to take conscious decisions, demonstrate possibilities, share knowledge and experience. The final effect, in a form of equipment and decor project of the interior, is a result of our actions and Investor decisions, an original blend, because personalized under subjective needs.

For our Clients we prepare projects of different scope. Functional or comprehensive types are most often chosen models.

Functional project

It is a form of project often chosen by persons, who can change the arrangement of still built objects, Investors able to make so-called changes in condominiums in multi-family buildings or Investors alone pursuing investments in the form of free-standing objects, e.g. single family houses. It is simultaneously a first stage of the comprehensive interior design.

Comprehensive project

Creation of comprehensive project is a process that allows for conscious transition of the Investor from preliminary vision to final interior creation. Simultaneously, it provides complete information to contractors that enables for efficient implementation and to carry out planned assumptions. It enables to close the budget issues and carry out possible changes or savings.

Functional project includes:

  • 2-3 functional proposals of the space along with number of amendments needed to develop satisfactory solutions
  • technical drawings in a form of screenshots with specific localization of wiring, plumbing, heating points

Comprehensive project includes:

  • 2-3 functional proposals of the space along with number of amendments needed to develop satisfactory solutions
  • computer visualizations of rooms in two color versions along with amendments
  • detailed technical documentation, containing all necessary drawings required for the implementation of interior in accordance with the concept accepted by the Investor in visualization stage (screenshots with position of any installation, floors, ceilings and projects of other individual conversions, along with details sections, sketches of individual elements including all furniture, material information, regulation descriptions)
  • material-cost balance sheet, containing ready and individually drawn up interior accessories, such as: furniture, luminaires, bathrooms, ceramics equipment, fittings, wall and floor claddings, complementary items, carpets, paintings, graphics, etc. (with information about offered model, producer, unit price, amount, possible replacements, possible place of purchase)
  • implementation evaluation of finishing and arrangement works

Supervision and supplies


To our Clients we offer a possibility to provide the implementation works with the author’s supervision on the studio part. Partial or total Investor relief from a need to supervise over finishing works and providing cohesion of carried out works with prepared the interior design.

By understanding different our Client needs we offer a possibility to adjust the scope of supervision to individual needs, ranging from individual supervision visits, through monthly packages, to the fullest turnkey service.

Author’s supervision in its base, simple form, has a form of working meetings with contractors of finishing work on the investment area. Meetings are mainly aimed to assess the cohesion of carried out works with vision included in the interior project, answer to contractors questions or implement changes if such are required due to unpredictable technical circumstances or changes resulting from the Investor’s concept as to specific solutions.

Irrespective of the Investor decision as to supervision option, we can provide implementation service as well as supplies of finishing materials and accessories, including furniture and other elements to the dimension.


At the stage of finishing materials assortment, we prepare statement of elements needed for the interior implementation according to prepared project. On Client’s request we can supply these elements. Thanks to order all or most of elements and materials in one place, the Client obtains the highest comfort and one entity that support orders and supply process.

In case of directly offered materials the logistics of orders and supplies to the Client’s premise relies on us. We provide finishing materials and furnishings to our foreign Clients in the EU and beyond.


We offer a full support to our Clients at the implementation stage. We know that good project is a key to beautiful and functional interior. We also know how important its appropriate implementation is; therefore we provide partial or comprehensive assistance in this regard in accordance with the Client’s needs.

In order to offer our Clients a maximum comfort throughout the implementation process, we undertook cooperation with a group of selected implementation companies, providing the highest quality services, executive teams.

According to Client expectations we offer a full implementation service as well as we provide support for contractors of selected specialization in case of self-supervision by the Investor.

Based on our experience and reliable cooperation with companies, we offer among others “up to the key” package that enables to take weight from the Investor in supervision and coordination of works and supplies, people and companies.

Basic package of companies, with which every year, to satisfaction of our Clients, we carry out a lot of investment in the entire country, as well as in chosen cases abroad, is unchanged for a few years and provides workmanship of among others:

  • general construction works (bricklaying, installation, tiling, painting, etc.)
  • carpenter’s works (furniture to the dimension, door and other carpenter’s elements)
  • glass works (mirrors, buildings and glass facings, etc.)
  • flooring works (wooden floors, stairs, wooden and other terraces)
  • masonry works (wall and floor claddings, sinks, countertops, etc.)
  • air-conditioning and ventilation systems
  • intelligent house systems, alarm and monitoring systems
  • multimedia systems, multiroom, sound, audio-video, etc.
  • chimney works
  • upholsterer’s works (including manufacture of furniture to the dimension)
  • window shutters of the internal and external, manual and automatic
  • SPA systems, sauna, etc.
  • green around buildings, terraces and a small garden architecture


Expanded author’s supervision is a form of taking over on behalf of the Investor a supervisory of implementation works. It is a proposal for those persons who from various reasons don’t want to or cannot participate in the implementation process, who due to lack of specialist knowledge or time don’t want alone to undertake this challenge to coordinate works. Choice of “up to the key” option allows for maximum lightening the Client from a need to contact with contractors and total taking over the coordination of investment.

Expanded “turnkey”supervision includes, among others:

  • implementation service from selected contractors of different industries offering both the high quality of provided services and appropriate warranties on performed works – evaluation of individual works and elements is carried out based on finished project of the interior and becomes a base to the Client’s decision as for choice of executive teams
  • coordination of the work schedule with aim to provide their appropriate order, flow, promptness and cohesion with documentation of the interior design
  • constant contact with all contractors involved in the implementation process in order to clarify technological and technical solutions, control of their compliance with the design vision, marking changes and carry out alternatives if they turn out to be necessary for any reason
  • purchase and supplies on behalf of the Investor of finishing materials necessary for individual contractors to the interior implementation according to project (regarding accepted elements by the Investor on design stage and collected in the material-cost balance sheet)
  • purchase and supplies on behalf of the Investor of furniture and other established accessories, assemblies coordination of all elements both ready and carry out based on drawings prepared at the creation stage of project documentation

“From a distance”

To meet Client’s expectations that can’t or don’t want to attend in a direct meetings in our studio, we offer service of project from a distance. As part of “project from a distance” we carry out a full, complete design process. The only difference in relation to locally carried out project is a way of communicating with the Investor – face-to-face meetings are replaced by communication using available media (phone, e-mail). The final documentation of interior design is sent via e-mail, traditional post or courier depending on Client preferences.

Carrying out the service of “project from a distance” for investments in any Poland location or abroad we offer a possibility of effecting premises inventory after approval by the Investor of extra commuting costs or we work on plans provided by the Client. As part of service, depending on the investment location, we can provide a partial or full implementation support (executive teams and supplies of materials).

Project service from a distance is directed to persons, who:

  • have a property in the any place in Poland, Europe or any other location in the world and they expect to prepare interior design without a need of personal meetings in the studio or project, along with partial implementation support (the scope depends on the investment location)
  • have a property on the area of Warsaw and surroundings, alone they stay beyond the country or cannot from different reasons attend meetings in the studio and expect to prepare interior design or a comprehensive service, including “turnkey” implementation

We have experience in these types of project service, along with implementation support in the EU and beyond. .

Green – Gardens and Terraces

Based on our experience and support of proven implementation companies, we propose service of both design and implementation of gardens and terraces, including gardens on roofs. As a part of the project we create concepts including functional, aesthetic and implementation issues. We design surfaces, planting flora, elements of small architecture, waters and functional decorative, systems of fixed and mobile covers, illumination, irrigation systems, sound, summer kitchens, garden SPA, etc.

We carry out projects of smaller assumptions as a complement to prepared interior design as well as independent projects of terraces and gardens. We offer the implementation and supervision support. Companies cooperating with us, apart from very performance, may provide later service of already implemented projects.

Commercial premises

Appropriate corporate image is a key to implementation of business assumptions. Standing out as well as clarified and clear message to recipients – it’s a way to obtain the Client. With properly arranged office, service or commercial space it is possible to create a proper setting for offered products and services. Interior decor is one of marketing tools – enables to demonstrate the company values and direct attention to the most important aspects. These are elements which affect its strength, uniqueness, and consequently – success.

By acquired knowledge and experience as well as based on trends knowledge from the world design, we can offer to our Clients creation of space being a background for meeting the Client with product or service. During the design process we create interiors in an optimal way adapted to the brand ideology; expressive interiors, consistent with the corporate mission and carried out activities.

As a part of our design services in functional interior decorations we offer conceptual and comprehensive designs, multiple-branch developed projects. We undertake projects of both individual premises as well as preparation of projects for the network assumptions. By cooperation with contractors we deal with premises decor in a way that will provide the final effect of full cohesion with earlier design aims. We also support our Clients in the creation of corporate visualization.

We are aware of huge diversity in the commercial investment market. Therefore, we invite entrepreneurs, who want to establish cooperation with us, to noncommittal meeting or we ask for phone or e-mail contact in order to draw up the needs and determine specificity of investment. It is necessary to prepare the evaluation of design works.