house in northern poland

The interior of the house located in the North of Poland is a combination of modernity and cosiness. The main aesthetic axis is gray, which was complemented by black and beige in the shade of cappuccino. The wood appearing on floors or furniture lends a warming. However, this limited palette of colors gives an excellent opportunity to use the potential inherent in textures and forms. The use of various sources and types of light (spotlights, lamps, sconces) perfectly accentuates this. It brings out the best in colour and emphasizes the uniqueness of textures. Light is reflected in glass elements, mirrors or polished panels, additionally warming interiors. Consistent space is also created by elements that appear in rooms and combine elements such as the effect of milling in the living room, dining room and kitchenette. This house is a place where functionality combines with originality of forms, giving it a unique character.